Hatherley Badminton Club

Gloucestershire League

Brockworth Sports Centre
Thursday, 8PM

Who Are We


Club is now open and playing club nights under agreed Covid 19 procedures.  New members and guests are welcome.  They need to contact us first, as all players attending sessions will need to book in advance.  (This is to ensure we don’t get over-crowded and also to provide Track and Trace records, as required by the Government.)

The Covid 19 requirements include: We use the Playwaze app to manage sessions and provide track and trace records. Players will be put together in groups of 4 to 6 for each club night.  They will not be able to swap between groups during the night.  (We will try and ensure the groups are mixed from week to week, so people get a variety of games.)

Masks do not need to be worn while in the Sports Hall, but are needed while passing through other parts of the Sports centre.  2m distancing should be kept at all times. Normal hygiene guidance on cleaning sanitising hands frequently, etc. still applies.

Who Are We?

We are a thriving Cheltenham club who play with feather shuttles with space for up to 40 members. We encourage all new members to play in our league teams as well as at club nights.

When Do We Play?

Thursday, 8 - 10pm Brockworth Sports Centre (Club Night)
Tuesday, 8pm Cheltenham Ladies College (League Matches)

How Much Is It?

Club Membership
You can play for up to 3 club nights as a visitor, paying a fee of £5 per night. The committee may then invite you to join the club as a full member. The current membership fees are £130 a year, plus Badminton England membership (currently £12). We can offer a discount if you join part way through the year. This will be confirmed to you with the offer to join the club. These fees cover September to May.

Summer Club
Our summer club runs from June to August. Anyone is welcome to play for £5 a week, or £35.00 for the full season. If you play for more than 5 weeks you will also need to join Badminton England.

Who Can Play?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept absolute beginners but if you know the rules and have played before come along and find out what we are about. For insurance purposes, we need to take some contact details so please complete this form (New Member Form) in advance or fill in on your first visit.

Do We Have League Teams?

There will be no county league this year, but we expect to enter Mens, Ladies and Mixed teams in the league each year.

Club Code of Conduct.

We aspire to play competitive badminton, but this must be carried out in an atmosphere of friendly competition: we place greater emphasis on having fun. To help everyone understand the ethos of our club, we have a published: Hatherley Badminton Club Code of Conduct.

Find Us

Thursday Club Nights

Brockworth Sports Centre
Mill Lane

Tuesday League Matches

CLC Sports Centre
Malvern Rd
GL50 2NX

You can contact us using the form or email address below.

Email mail@hatherleybadmintonclub.net

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